FAQ/Terms and Conditions

What is the Marvelous Meals Card?
The Marvelous Meals Card is a gift card available for sale both through this web site and at retail locations. The Card is redeemable at participating restaurants.

How do I purchase the Marvelous Meals Card?
Order cards over the internet or visit a retail location where the cards are available. For Winter 2007, the cards will be available for purchase at Stop & Shop and Roche Brothers locations in Massachusetts, and at Vons and Pavillions locations in Southern California.

How do I redeem the Marvelous Meals Card?
Simply present your Marvelous Meals Card at any participating restaurant at the time of payment, just like you would any gift card.

How quickly can I get a Marvelous Meals Card?
Cards purchased at retail locations can be used immediately. Online orders are processed within one business day and shipped via the selected shipment method. Depending on the method, the card will arrive between 1 — 4 business days).

If I buy a Marvelous Meals Card today, how soon can I use it?
Marvelous Meals Cards can be used as soon as you receive them.

What methods of payment do you accept?
If purchased at a retail location, a Marvelous Meals Card can be purchased with whatever form of payment that is accepted by the retailer. For online orders we accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa.

Why should I buy a Marvelous Meals Gift Card?
Giving a great meal is one of the most thoughtful gifts that you can give. Giving a dining gift card with a choice of restaurants gives the recipient the freedom of choosing where to enjoy their meal.

Where can I use the Marvelous Meals Card?
The Card can be used at any participating restaurant. View a complete list.

Are there more restaurants participating in the Marvelous Meals Card than the logos that appear on the Card?
The logos on the front of the Card are a sample of participating restaurants. Do to space constraints we cannot put the logos of all the participating restaurants on the card. The list is continually growing and changing, View a current list of participating locations.

Does the card expire?
No. These cards do not expire.

What happens if the amount of my meal is less than the amount on my Card?
The remaining balance stays on the Card and is redeemable at any other participating location.

When I redeem a Marvelous Meals Card what happens if the amount of my meal is more than the amount on my card?
The amount of the Marvelous Meals Card will be deducted from amount of you bill and the remaining balance must then be paid using any form of payment accepted by the redeeming location.

How can I check the balance on my Card?
Click here to check your balance.

What happens if the Card is lost or stolen?
The Card is like cash and should be treated the same.

Can the Card be reloaded with funds?
No, the Marvelous Meals Gift Card is not reloadable. Once the balance is exhausted the Card can be discarded. You can purchase additional Cards through this site.

What are the fees associated with the Marvelous Meals Card?
There are no fees associated with the Marvelous Meals Card other than any shipping and handling fees if the Card is purchased online. The full value of the Card is available to the bearer.

Where can I go if I am a restaurant who wants to become part of the Marvelous Meals Gift Card Program?
View and complete a form for restaurants who want to join the program. After it is received, one of the sales people from Marvelous Meals will contact you to follow-up on the submission.

Can I order a large quantity of Marvelous Meals Cards for my business?
If you want to order a large quantity of cards (value over $500), please complete a form for bulk orders and a sales person from Marvelous Meals will contact you.